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What is urinary calculi in goats?

Urinary Calculi, commonly called "Water Belly," is a urinary-tract blockage in goats. Feeding too much grain and/or feeding grain concentrates with an improper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is almost always the cause of Urinary Calculi.

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Regarding this, what causes urinary calculi in goats?

Urinary Calculi, a urinary-tract condition in goats and sheep, prevents both urination and breeding in males. Feeding too much concentrated feed and/or feeding concentrates with an improper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is a major cause of Urinary Calculi.

Similarly, how do you help a goat pee? Adequate hydration keeps the urine dilute and ensures frequent flushing of the bladder so stones won't form. If grain is necessary, feed a small amount and ensure adequate calcium by providing a calcium supplement (alfalfa hay, dicalcium phosphate or calcium carbonate).

Accordingly, how do they dissolve urinary calculi in goats?

Ammonium chloride burns the throat, so stomach tube it into the goat. You can ammonium chloride with juice to avoid burning if you must orally drench. The goat must be taken off all grain concentrates and offered only grass hay, fresh green leaves, and water during this treatment regimen.

How can you tell if a goat has kidney stones?

Goats with urinary stones may show one or more of the following symptoms: abdominal discomfort, pawing, restlessness, looking or kicking at its abdomen, tail twitching, vocalization, or other signs of pain. He may strain to urinate, and may even prolapse his rectum in the process.

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