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What is unrestricted stock in SAP MM?

Unrestricted use stock is a stock type, that can be used for everything, has no restriction based on its condition. Other stock types are quality stock and blocked stock.

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Besides, what does unrestricted stock mean?

Unrestricted Stock means shares of Common Stock awarded to a Participant under Section 9(c). Based on 27 documents 27. Unrestricted Stock means Stock that is free of any restrictions.

Additionally, how do you add unrestricted stock in SAP? To maintain stock for a particular material, we use a transaction code MB1C in SAP.

To add a quantity to a material, follow these steps.

  1. In the SD Master Data Screen, enter transaction code: MB1C.
  2. Enter the Movement type as 561, Plant, Storage Location.
  3. In the below screen, enter material no.

Considering this, what is restricted use stock in SAP?

restricted is a batch status. you can only have restricted stock for batch managed materials. restriced is similar to blocked stock. The main difference to blocked stock is, that you can use restricted stock in your production, while blocked stock is really dead stock.

What is GR blocked stock in SAP MM?

Gr Blocked Stock : Gr blocked stock is a stock which we accept it on conditional basis. So you put the material in Gr blocked stock using movement type 103. When the certificate is received and accepted you can valuate the stock with movement type 105.

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