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What is United Polaris First Class?

First class is a huge step up from the “Polaris business” cabin on this plane, however, where you'll find seats arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration. There's even less privacy here — were it not for the lie-flat function, these seats would be more appropriately marketed as premium economy.

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Beside this, what is Polaris class on United Airlines?

Our United Polaris® business class service is designed to bring a new level of quality to every aspect of premium cabin travel - from lounge to landing - and provide the best sleep in the sky.

One may also ask, is United Business class the same as first class? The big difference, though, is that first class passengers get access to the International First Class Lounge, while business class passengers don't get access to any lounge.

In this way, what is United first class like?

United First — The majority of routes within the United States are served by United First class. This is essentially a leather recliner seat that gives you more space than Economy. Pitch ranges from 36-39 inches, and seat width is generally 20.5 inches depending on the aircraft.

Is United Polaris worth it?

All in all, I had a great experience in United's Polaris class. Even though my fare was more expensive than I typically like to pay, it was well worth it with the upgrade. The small touches made the time fly by and I really didn't want to get off the plane.

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