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What is translocation in RNA?

Abstract. In the elongation cycle of translation, translocation is the process that advances the mRNA–tRNA moiety on the ribosome, to allow the next codon to move into the decoding center.

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Also know, what is meant by the term translocation of the ribosome?

Definition. Translocation denotes the simultaneous movement of two tRNAs together with the mRNA by one codon on the ribosome.

Beside above, how does tRNA bind to mRNA? The complementary bases on the codon and anticodon are held together by hydrogen bonds, the same type of bonds that hold together the nucleotides in DNA. The ribosome only allows the tRNA to bind to the mRNA if it is carrying an amino acid.

Additionally, what is the difference between translation and translocation?

Transcription is the synthesis of RNA from a DNA template where the code in the DNA is converted into a complementary RNA code. Translation is the synthesis of a protein from an mRNA template where the code in the mRNA is converted into an amino acid sequence in a protein.

What is the process of mRNA?

mRNA is “messenger” RNA. mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus using the nucleotide sequence of DNA as a template. This process requires nucleotide triphosphates as substrates and is catalyzed by the enzyme RNA polymerase II. The process of making mRNA from DNA is called transcription, and it occurs in the nucleus.

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