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What is tort of conversion?

Conversion is an intentional tort consisting of "taking with the intent of exercising over the chattel an ownership inconsistent with the real owner's right of possession". Its equivalents in criminal law include larceny or theft and criminal conversion.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is the legal definition of conversion?

Conversion Law and Legal Definition. Conversion is when someone wrongfully uses property of another for their own purposes or alters or destroys it. In an action for conversion, the taking of the property may be lawful, but the retaining of the property is unlawful.

Also, how do I sue for conversion? Conversion is the civil equivalent of criminal theft charges. Individuals who want to sue to reclaim the value of their property may sue in small claims court or by hiring a civil attorney to handle the case for them.

Similarly, what is civil conversion?

Conversion is a tort that exposes you to liability for damages in a civil lawsuit. It applies when someone intentionally interferes with personal property belonging to another person.

What is conversion of personal property?

A conversion occurs when a person without authority or permission intentionally takes the personal property of another or deprives another of possession of personal property. It is a tort which allows the injured party to seek legal relief. This article shall discuss the basic law involving conversion.

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