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What is Tiger grass used for?

Tiger grass, aka centella asiatica (or “cica” for short) is a centuries-old ingredient that was traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat wounds. Tigers in Asia have been known to roll around in the plant to help heal any trauma abrasions or infections—hence the name.

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Besides, what does Tiger grass do for skin?

The tiger grass basically stimulates cell growth (so my skin is renewing itself faster) and it's filled with chlorophyll (as in, the green stuff found in plant cells) which forms a protective barrier for your skin. Dr. Zeichner says it can help treat conditions like rosacea, eczema, sensitive skin, and acne.

Additionally, what is Tigergrass? Tiger grass is the nickname for centella asiatica, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It was discovered when people in China noticed that tigers would roll around in the herb to help heal their wounds. Hence the name tiger grass!

Then, what does Tiger Grass serum do?

Jart+Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Serum. What it is: A highly-concentrated serum that treats sensitive skin with a blend of strengthening Jartbiome, soothing Centella Rx, and reparative Cicabond. Highlighted Ingredients: - Jartbiome: Helps strengthen, balance, and improve skin's defenses against irritation and damage.

Is Tiger Grass good for acne?

Designed to soothe inflamed and sensitive skin, Dr. Jart's Tiger Grass Cream has become one of the bestselling treatments for acne sufferers and those looking to treat even the most irritated skin types.

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