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What is there to do in Bayside Miami?

Connect with Bayside Marketplace to take advantage of special programs and events.
  • Bayride Tours. Bayride, Bay Breeze, Island Wind.
  • BAYSIDE TOUR BOAT. Bayside Blaster (Sightseeing/Speed Boat Replica)
  • Biscayne Lady.
  • Captain Jimmy's Fiesta.
  • Charter Fishing with Captain Jimmy Lewis.
  • El Loro.
  • Island Princess.

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Thereof, how far is Bayside from Miami Beach?

The distance between Miami Beach and Bayside Marketplace is 4 miles.

Subsequently, question is, is Bayside Marketplace safe? Yes - it's safe. For dinner, hop on the metromover and go to Mary Brickell Village. Lots of dinner options there. For breakfast, there is an Au Bon Pan in the building across the street from the hotel (not the building connected to the hotel).

Subsequently, one may also ask, how far is Bayside market from Port of Miami?

1 miles

How much is parking at Bayside Marketplace?

The average hourly rate in downtown Miami is $7.00. To park for 24 hours at a lot or garage, you will have to pay between $28.00 and $30.00. Monthly parking, however, is not too expensive with an average cost of around $110 per month. On-street parking is managed by Miami Parking Authority.

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