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What is the WJ IV tests of achievement?

The WJ IV is a broad-scope assessment system that is based on state-of-the-science tests for individual evaluation of academic achievement, cognitive abilities, and oral language.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what does the Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement measure?

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement is a widely-used, comprehensive collection of tests measuring level of achievement in reading, mathematics, written language, and knowledge. These tests can be scored based on age norms or grade norms. The Reading tests are organized into three clusters.

Secondly, what are the four major curricular areas included in the Woodcock Johnson IV test of achievement? The WJ-R Tests of Achievement consisted of 14 tests organized into four curricular areas: reading, mathematics, written language, and knowledge.

Just so, what do the Woodcock Johnson scores mean?

Woodcock-Johnson IV Scoring Level of development scores are designed to explain the scores in terms of age equivalents and grade equivalents. Thus, these scores explain a child's score against people of their same age or grade to determine if their scores index at, above, or below their current age and grade.

What is the name of the form used for scoring a WJ IV?

There are three Standard Battery forms of the WJ IV Tests of Achievement (Form A, Form B, and Form C) – the PRC has Form A. Online scoring is included with every kit, using standard Web browsers.

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