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What is the visual association area?

Visual nerves run straight from the eye to the primary visual cortex to the visual association cortex. The part of the visual cortex that receives the sensory inputs from the thalamus is the primary visual cortex, also known as visual area 1 (V1, Brodmann area 17), and the striate cortex.

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Considering this, what is the function of the visual association area?

For example, the visual association area on the lower part of the temporal lobe plays a primary role in your ability to recognize faces, dogs, cars, trees, etc., whereas the primary visual cortex is required for detecting basic features of the visual world: edges, light and dark, location, etc.

where are the association areas? The anterior association area is in the frontal lobes. It is rostral to the postcentral gyri, Rolandic fissure, and premotor areas. It has Sylvian fissure as its posterior boundary. It is referred to as prefrontal cortex.

Simply so, what happens if the visual association area is damaged?

For example, a person with damage to visual association cortex (on the lower part of the temporal lobe) can see objects, but cannot recognize them. Nerve cells in visual association cortex also reflect a higher level of processing. They do not respond to light without a pattern.

What are association areas in psychology?

Association Areas. Association Areas are sections of the cerebral cortex that are connected to the function of a primary part of the cerebral cortex. These areas are responsible for thought, memory, and learning, in combination with the primary parts they surround.

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