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What is the Van Wick?

Office, position, or title: Mayor of New York City

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Likewise, people ask, when was the Van Wyck Expressway built?


Also, how do you pronounce van Wyk? 1.It means "from the district" or "from the quarter" - Dutch. Van Wyk (my last name) is pronounced lyk the Y in Wyoming. In Holland, Wijk was the original spelling; ij is a ligature; becomes a Y with a diaeresis over it - easily dropped.

Moreover, how do you pronounce Van Wyck Expressway?

The Robert Moses-designed expressway was named after 1898 New York mayor Robert Anderson Van Wyck, whose descendants insist that the highway is pronounced "Wike." But even the recorded announcement on the E stop at Jamaica-Van Wyck says "Wick," while meanwhile, an officer in the Dutch Consulate swears it's "Fon Weig,"

Who was the Van Wyck Expressway named after?

Robert Anderson Van Wyck

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