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What is the use of service registry?

Instances have dynamically assigned network locations. Consequently, in order for a client to make a request to a service it must use a service-discovery mechanism. A key part of service discovery is the service registry. The service registry is a database of available service instances.

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Also to know is, what is a service registry?

The service registry is a database populated with information on how to dispatch requests to microservice instances. Interactions between the registry and other components can be divided into two groups, each with two subgroups: Interactions between microservices and the registry (registration)

Similarly, what is service discovery and service registry? The service registry is a key part of service discovery. It is a database containing the network locations of service instances. A service registry needs to be highly available and up to date. Clients can cache network locations obtained from the service registry.

what is the use of service discovery?

Microservices service discovery is a way for applications and microservices to locate each other on a network. Service discovery implementations within microservices architecture discovery includes both: a central server (or servers) that maintain a global view of addresses.

What is service registry in Web services?

A provider can explicitly register a service with a Web Services Registry such as UDDI or publish additional documents intended to facilitate discovery such as Web Services Inspection Language (WSIL) documents. The service users or consumers can search web services manually or automatically.

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