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What is the use of JMS server in Weblogic?

A JMS server defines a set of destinations (queues or topics) and any associated persistent storage that reside on a WebLogic Server instance. A JMS server manages connections and handles all message requests for its destinations on behalf of clients. Client applications.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is JMS module in WebLogic?

A JMS Module is a configuration container for other JMS Resources, such as Connection Factories, Distributed Queues, and Distributed Topics. To configure a JMS Module in the Platform Blueprint, open the Platform Blueprint Editor and navigate to Blueprint > WebLogic Domains > [domain_name] > JMS Modules .

Additionally, what is WebLogic application server? WebLogic Server is an application server: a platform for developing and deploying multitier distributed enterprise applications. WebLogic Server centralizes application services such as Web server functionality, business components, and access to backend enterprise systems.

Likewise, what is a JMS server?

Configure JMS servers. JMS servers are environment-related configuration entities that act as management containers for the queues and topics in JMS modules that are targeted to them. A file store maintains subsystem data, such as persistent JMS messages and durable subscribers, in a group of files in a directory.

How do I start JMS server?

To create the JMS Server:

  1. From the WebLogic Administration Console, select the domain in which you want to create the JMS Server.
  2. Click on YourDomain > Services > Messaging > JMS Servers.
  3. In the right panel click the New button.
  4. On Create a New JMS Server, enter a value for the name of the JMS server to be created.

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