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What is the upper surface of the starfish called?

The mouth is located underneath the sea star on the oral or ventral surface, while the anus is located on the top of the animal. The spiny upper surface covering the species is called the aboral or dorsal surface.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is another name for the dorsal surface of the starfish?


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another name for the dorsal surface of a seastar aboral
The surface on a starfish where the anus is located is the ______ surface. aboral
The surface on a starfish where the ambulacral ridge is located is the ______ surface. oral
The ability to regrow lost body parts is called ______. regeneration

Likewise, why do starfish gonads sometimes appear larger? A: If the seastar was going through its reproductive phase at the time of death, then the gonads would be enlarged. A: Seastars have a basic endoskeleton comprised of ossicle plates which surround the muscles.

Beside above, what type of skeleton does a starfish have?


Where is the Madreporite located on a starfish?

The madreporite is located on the aboral (top) surface in sea stars, sand dollars, and sea urchins, but in brittle stars, the madreporite is on the oral (bottom) surface. Sea cucumbers have a madreporite, but it's located inside the body.

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