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What is the tone of success is counted sweetest?

The tone is unemotional and impersonal; the speaker is reporting and interpreting what she sees but refrains from expressing sympathy or compassion. Only failures fully understand the meaning of success. Dickinson announces this theme in the first two lines: "Success is counted sweetest / By those who ne'er succeed."

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Thereof, what is the theme of success is counted sweetest?

The theme of the poem is that success is valued most by those who have failed. The speaker uses the dying soldier as someone who longed for success but could not grasp it. When people truly desire something and cannot retrieve it, their desire for it becomes greater.

who is the purple host in success is counted sweetest? Emily Dickinson spends the entire poem exploring ideas through their opposites. In this case, she is talking about the idea of "victory" specifically in battle, which it can be assumed is in reference to the victory of the Northern Army in the Civil War.

Additionally, what literary devices are used in Success is counted sweetest?

"Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed" makes a good aphorism because it comments philosophically on success, uses only nine words, and uses alliteration and a variation on the word success to please the ear. Additionally, it contains a touch of irony or paradox.

What does forbidden ear mean in success is counted sweetest?

Burst agonized and clear! Some more enjambment leads us to additional info on this defeated and dying dude. He's got a "forbidden" ear. In other words, this ear—which belongs to a loser of the battle—is forbidden from hearing the victory song in all its full glory.

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