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What is the theme of the raft by SA Bodeen?

The theme of Survival is present throughout The Raft. As the novel opens, Robie is desperate for independence. When she is left alone in Hawaii, she experiences a traumatic event that makes her realize that she's not ready for the responsibilities that accompany being an adult.

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Beside this, what happens in the book the raft?

The Raft, by S.A. Bodeen, tells the castaway story of Robie, a young woman who survives an airplane crash in the Pacific Ocean. The crash occurs as she attempts to return from a trip to visit her aunt in Honolulu. Neither her parents nor her aunt know that she has boarded the flight.

how old is Robbie in the book the raft? 15

In this manner, who are the main characters in the raft?

Robie Mitchell is a fifteen-year-old girl who is visiting her aunt in Hawaii. She lives with her family on the Midway Atoll. She is comfortable with the remote way in which she lives and understands the importance of wildlife and conservation. In many ways Robie is a typical teenage girl.

What is the climax of the book the raft?

"The Raft" by: S.A. Bodeen (climax) In the story "The Raft" by S.A. Bodeen the climax of the story is when there is a plane crash. As the plane gets lower Robie drops a raft in the ocean and she jumps into the raft. Robie tries to survive but she can't take it anymore.

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