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What is the theme of the poem Eldorado?

Poe gives the account of a knight in search of a land called Eldorado, which holds riches and fortune. After much futile searching, the knight's enthusiastic quest for treasure ends in death. The foremost theme of this poem is the desire for wealth and treasure.

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Besides, what is the meaning of the poem Eldorado?

The poem describes the journey of a "gallant knight" in search of the legendary El Dorado. The knight spends much of his life on this quest. In his old age, he finally meets a "pilgrim shadow" who points the way through "the Valley of Shadow".

Likewise, what six themes did Poe write? Poe's Poetry Themes

  • Death. A large portion of Poe's fiction includes musings on the nature of death and on questions about the afterlife.
  • Love.
  • Impermanence and uncertainty.
  • The subconscious self.
  • Nature.
  • The human imagination.
  • Hope and despair.

Similarly, you may ask, what is the mood of the poem Eldorado?

At the End Imagery- The poem uses imagery such as, “gaily bedight,” “sunshine and shadow,” “singing a song” that create a happy, hopeful tone. But as the poem continues, images such as, “And o'er his heart a shadow Fell,”his strength failed him at length” changing the tone to a feeling of defeat.

What is a pilgrim shadow?

Lines 15-16: The "pilgrim shadow" in these lines seems to be a ghost, or some type of spirit. It could also be a metaphor for the knight himself, who is wandering like a pilgrim, though unfulfilled as a shadow.

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