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What is the theme of Noli Me Tangere?

Likewise, as "Noli Me Tangere" portrays the different aspects of gaining independence, Jose Rizal focuses on social climbers, abusive power, family devotion, self sacrifice, and purity and faithfulness.

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Then, what is the theme of Noli and Fili?

Theme of El Fili Ibarra's change and longing for revenge signifys his last resort for the Philippines freedom, resorting to violence, as a vengence for what has happened to him in Noli, and how the his previous efforts have had almost little to no effect to the country and the Spaniards treatment of the Filipinos.

Secondly, what is the story all about Noli Me Tangere? Noli me Tangere is the first novel written by Filipino patriot and national hero Dr. José P. Rizal in 1887 and published in Germany. The story line goes detailed with the society of the Philippines during Spanish colonial period and features aristocracy behind poverty and abuse of colonialists.

Also know, what are the settings of Noli Me Tangere?

The setting of the novel was in the 19th century Philippines, specifically at Manila, during the latter years of the country as colony of Spain in Asia. The novel's plot started in the scene when Ibarra visits his betrothed María Clara, the beautiful daughter of Captain Tiago and affluent resident of Binondo, Manila.

What are the notable purposes of the Noli Me Tangere?

Reasons why Rizal wrote the Noli Me Tangere The reader's get acquainted with the social forces which opposes each other, thus preventing the realization of Rizal's aspiration for the Filipinos to regain their human rights, especially human dignity, justice and freedom.

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