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What is the suffix for dilation?

SUFFIX - dilatation (dilation, enlargement) or stretching of a structure or part. -ectasia, -ectasis Angiectasis means dilation of a blood or lymph vessel. PREFIX - swelling. -edema - Edema is a word that means the presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the tissues.

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In this way, what is the medical term for dilation?

Medical Definition of Dilation Dilation: The process of enlargement, stretching, or expansion. The word "dilatation" means the same thing. Both come from the Latin "dilatare" meaning "to enlarge or expand."

Similarly, what does the suffix OXIA mean? Sight, Vision (presbyopia) Term. -oxia. Definition. Oxygen (hypoxia)

Also to know is, what is the suffix for process?

Suffix meaning action or process. -al, -ial.

What is the suffix for narrowing?

Unit 1 - Self Assessment - Understanding Medical Words

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Which medical terminology word part provides the general meaning of the word ? combining vowel, word root, suffix, or prefix word root
Which suffix means narrowing? -sclerosis -rrhexis -stenosis -ptosis -stenosis

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