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What is the standard shower curtain rod size?

72 inches long

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Also, what is the standard width of a shower curtain rod?

The recommended width of a shower curtain is the width of your shower plus 12 inches. In theory, most shower stall curtains are about 54 inches wide, and they are around 72 inches wide for typical bathtubs. The standard shower curtain height is around 72 inches.

Additionally, what size shower curtain do I need for a curved rod? A standard shower curtain (70" x 70") will work for a curved or straight curtain rod. If you want a little more slack in the fabric, you can get an extra wide curtain.

Beside above, what is the standard shower curtain size?

Standard shower curtain measurements: 70 x 70 inches. 70 x 72 inches. 72 x 72 inches.

What size is an extra long shower curtain?

Extra Long Size, 72 inches Wide by 84 inches Long, is designed for clawfoot tubs and shower and bathtub basins with a high-set shower curtain rod.

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