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What is the species of Carabao?

Bubalus bubalis

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Simply so, what is carabao meat?

Carabaos meat is called cara-beef. Cow=beef. Goat=chevon. Sheep=mutton. Pig=pork.

what is the difference between Buffalo and carabao? To the scientific world, a carabao is a water buffalo—the sort that lives in tropical swampland. But for many farmers, the carabao or kalabaw in the vernacular is the country's native farm help while the buffalo is a purebred import that they use to crossbreed livestock for milk or meat.

Also, what are carabao used for?

Carabao is the native Filipino word meaning water buffalo. Carabao are incredible animals that are used for work and farming tasks in South East Asian. They plow fields, carry and move heavy objects and they are even used for transportation.

Why Carabao is our national animal?

The Carabao is the national animal of the Philippines. It symbolizes, strength, power, efficiency, perseverance and most of all, hardwork. The “beast of burden”, as the Filipinos loved to call a carabao, is in fact the “filipino's best friend”. It can be relied upon to work incessantly.

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