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What is the shape of parallels and meridians?

The North Pole and the South Pole is marked 90 degree North and 90 degree South respectively. Arctic Circle and Tropic of Cancer parallel lie between North Pole and the equator.

Parallels Meridians
The first parallel is the equator. It is latitude 0. Greenwich is the prime meridian (0°)

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the shape of the meridians?


Furthermore, what is the shape of parallels of latitude? Circles

Also asked, what is the difference between meridians and parallels?

Parallels run from east to west and never intersect with each other whereas meridians run from north to south and intersect at the north and south poles. This is the key difference between parallels and meridians.

What is the network of parallels and meridians called?

The network of parallels and meridians is called as longitude and latitude. The equator of the earth is an imaginary circle at equidistant from the poles of the earth.

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