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What is the setting of the novel Green Days by the River?

Set in 1952, the story centers on the 15-year-old boy Shellie (Tafari), whose poor but closely knit family has recently relocated to a village in the Mayaro region of Trinidad.

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Also to know is, what is the setting of green days by the river?

Green Days by the River. Green Days By The River is a 2017 Trinidadian drama film, directed by Michael Mooleedhar. Set in 1952 Trinidad, the film follows Shell an ambitious African village boy struggling with poverty and his sick father finds solace in a wealthy Indian farmer, Mr.

what is the theme of green days by the river? "Green Days by the River" is one which deals with a teenager growing to maturity and during this period of self development, adolescents are faced with social and personal issues, thus, the novel can be categorized as a problem novel. Some themes in the novel are love, friendship, growth and death of a loved one.

Also know, what is Green Days by the River about?

In 1954 a 15-year-old boy from Trinidad comes of age.

Who wrote Green Days by the River?

Michael Anthony

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