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What is the scientific name for rhizopus?

Rhizopus stolonifer

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Accordingly, what is the scientific name for a mold colony?

Rhizopus, cosmopolitan genus of some 10 species of filamentous fungi in the family Rhizopodaceae (formerly Mucoraceae), in the order Mucorales. Several species, including Rhizopus stolonifer (the common bread mold), have industrial importance, and a number are responsible for diseases in plants and animals.

Also, what disease is caused by Rhizopus? Acute rhinocerebral mucormycosis caused by Rhizopus arrhizus from Sri Lanka. Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a rare fungus infection reported mainly from the United States of America and Europe. The disease is caused by zygomycete fungi, most often by a Rhizopus species.

In this way, what is rhizopus in biology?

Rhizopus is a genus of common saprophytic fungi on plants and specialized parasites on animals. They are found in a wide variety of organic substances , including "mature fruits and vegetables", jellies, syrups, leather, bread, peanuts, and tobacco. They are multicellular.

Is rhizopus Septate or Nonseptate?

Microscopic Features Nonseptate or sparsely septate broad hyphae (6-15 µm in diameter), sporangiophores, rhizoids (root-like hyphae), sporangia, and sporangiospores are visualized. Sporangiophores are brown in color and usually unbranched. They can be solitary or form clusters.

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