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What is the rule of dividing polynomials?

The Method
Both polynomials should have the "higher order" terms first (those with the largest exponents, like the "2" in x2). Divide the first term of the numerator by the first term of the denominator, and put that in the answer.

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Also question is, what is the meaning of division of polynomials?

In algebra, polynomial long division is an algorithm for dividing a polynomial by another polynomial of the same or lower degree, a generalised version of the familiar arithmetic technique called long division. It can be done easily by hand, because it separates an otherwise complex division problem into smaller ones.

Similarly, what is polynomial long division used for? Polynomial Long Division. A method used to divide polynomials. Polynomial long division is essentially the same as long division for numbers. This method can be used to write an improper rational expression as the sum of a polynomial and a proper rational expression.

In this manner, how do you divide a polynomial by a binomial?

Long Division of a Polynomial by a Binomial

  1. Divide the highest degree term of the polynomial by the highest degree term of the binomial.
  2. Multiply this result by the divisor, and subtract the resulting binomial from the polynomial.
  3. Divide the highest degree term of the remaining polynomial by the highest degree term of the binomial.

How do you solve polynomials?


  1. Determine whether you have a linear polynomial. A linear polynomial is a polynomial of the first degree.
  2. Set the equation to equal zero. This is a necessary step for solving all polynomials.
  3. Isolate the variable term. To do this, add or subtract the constant from both sides of the equation.
  4. Solve for the variable.

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