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What is the RF value of caffeine?


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Thereof, what is the RF value of ibuprofen?

In addition to the values of retardation factors (Rf = 0.74 for ibuprofen,Rf = 0.54 for 2-[4-isobutylphenyl]propionamide [impurity A] and Rf = 0.63 for 2-[4-isobutyrylphenyl]propionic acid [impurity B]) for individual constituents well developed and repeatable absorption spectra were recorded directly from

Likewise, what is the RF of aspirin acetaminophen and caffeine which one has the highest polarity? Acetaminophen has two hydrogen bonds and one dipole-dipole making it more polar than Aspirin, Phenacetin, and Ibuprofen. Lastly, caffeine has the lowest R F value because it has the capability to ionize and form a hydrogen bond with the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen.

Furthermore, what is the RF value of aspirin?

The hardiness of the method is evidenced by the Rf values, which vary by no more than 3% over a four-month period. The Rf values are 0.70 for salicylic acid and diflunisal, 0.67 for aspirin and methyl salicylate, 0.60 for gentisic acid, 0.57 for p-aminosalicyclic acid, and 0.40 for salicyluric acid.

Which pigment has the lowest RF value?


Pigment Rf value
β-carotene 0.98
Chlorophyll a 0.59
Chlorophyll b 0.42
Anthocyanins 0.32-0.62

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