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What is the refractometer used for?

Definition. A refractometer is a scientific machine that measures the amount that light is bent (or refracted) when it moves from the air into a sample. Refractometers are typically used to determine the refractive index of a liquid sample.

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Simply so, what units does a refractometer measure?

A refractometer is a device which measures the content (brix or sugar, honey, urine, salt, battery fluid…) of a solution by the refraction of light. Using an optical refractometer is simply a matter of placing several drops of the sample liquid on the angled prism and sealing the clear plate on top of it.

Also, what are the specific uses of a refractometer in pharmacy? Pharmaceutical Refractometers. The refractive index (RI) is used to determine the purity of a sample. Refractometers are often used in pharmaceutical applications for quality control of raw intermediate and final products.

Beside this, what are the uses of refractive index?

Refractive index is used to measure solids, liquids, and gases. Most commonly it is used to measure the concentration of a solute in an aqueous solution. It can also be used as a useful tool to differentiate between different types of gemstone, due to the unique chatoyance each individual stone displays.

What are the different types of refractometer?

There are four main types of refractometers: traditional handheld refractometers, digital handheld refractometers, laboratory or Abbe refractometers (named for the instrument's inventor and based on Ernst Abbe's original design of the 'critical angle') and inline process refractometers.

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