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What is the purpose of the milled face on a framing hammer?

A milled face, also called checkered face or waffle face, is a pattern on the striking face of the hammer. Different brands use different patterns, but the idea is to provide a bit of extra gripping surface to catch and sink nails.

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Furthermore, why do framing hammers have a milled face?

Heavy heads, longer handles and milled faces allow for driving large nails quickly into dimensional lumber. Some framing hammers have a magnetized slot along the top edge of the striking surface to hold a nail. This allows the nail to be placed and driven quickly with just one hand.

Also Know, what is the difference between a framing hammer and regular hammer? A framing hammer is typically 20-32 oz, compared with 10-16 oz for a "normal" household claw hammer. That helps it pound large nails in only a few blows. A regular claw hammer is optimized for pulling nails. If you're only building a garage, I'd recommend using your regular hammer rather than buying a framing hammer.

Accordingly, what are milled face hammers used for?

There are two types: One is milled (also called a serrated or waffle face). It has a series of parallel grooves cut across the hammer face in a checkerboard pattern. Milled-face hammers are good for driving galvanized nails because the rough face pattern will not rub the galvanized coating off the nails.

What is the best hammer for framing?

10 Best Framing Hammers - Reviews

Product Name Head Weight Rating
1. Estwing MRW25LM Framing Hammer 25 oz 4.4
2. Stanley 51-167 Xtreme Framing Hammer 22 oz 4.3
3. Irwin Tools 1954890 Wood Framing Hammer 16 oz 4.5
4. Dalluge DDT16P Framing Hammer 16 oz 4.0

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