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What is the purpose of the graveyard scene in Hamlet?

This scene serves two functions: it provides a moment of comic relief, since the gravediggers love to joke about their line of work, and it provides Hamlet with a moment to confront his own mortality.

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Likewise, people ask, what does the graveyard scene reveal about Hamlet?

The gravediggers scene is a pause between the rapidly rising action of the last few tragic scenes and the upcoming final tragedy. It also allows the audience to again see Hamlet in his normal disposition.

Similarly, what is the purpose of the gravediggers in Hamlet? The gravediggers serve to progress the themes of death and birth and youth and old age. They set the mood for the end of the play that will result in multiple murders. Just as Act I began with the Ghost, Act V begins with the graveyard scene, showing that death and decay will be man's end.

Moreover, what do the gravediggers make Hamlet consider about life and death?

The gravediggers provide comic relief with their humor and sarcasm to relieve the disgusting qualities of their tasks. Shakespeare often uses comical figures to relieve the seriousness of a scene as he does here with words and actions. The theme they express is that death makes all people equal.

What Happens in Hamlet act5?

The Queen's death encourages Laertes to reveal Claudius' plot. Hamlet takes his revenge on Claudius. He stabs him with the poisoned sword and makes him drink the poison. Laertes, Hamlet and Claudius die, leaving Horatio to lament his loss.

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