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What is the purpose of the government inspector in the jungle?

What is the purpose of the government inspector? Describe him. The government inspector they are al corrupted but there job is to inspect the meat and check there are no tubercular pock but they obviously leave some because they tend to do a bad job.

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Thereof, why did Marija lose her job?

Marija regains her job at the can painting factory, only to lose it two months later. She is fired when she vocally protests being cheated out of a portion of her wages. The loss of her income is devastating to the family because Ona is now expecting Jurgis's child. Her prostitutes get jobs easily in Ona's department.

One may also ask, how does Antanas die in the jungle? After Ona dies, Baby Antanas is mainly left in the care of Kotrina Lukoszaite. Once Baby Antanas hits the street, he drowns in a pothole. He is only a year and a half old. Baby Antanas's sudden death is what drives Jurgis to try out the wandering life as a hobo.

Furthermore, what are Jurgis's plans for everyone?

And I hope that today's inspectors do their jobs. What re Jurgis's plans for everyone in the newly relocated family? With their newly relocated family, Jurgis expects everyone to find a job and be wealthy. He still does not let Ona work because he thinks she should stay at home.

What does ONA suddenly suffer from?

Antanas suffers various childhood illnesses, and the measles attack him with fury. His strong constitution allows him to reach his first birthday, but he is as malnourished as the rest of the Packingtown poor. Ona, pregnant again, develops a bad cough and suffers increasingly frequent bouts of hysterical crying.

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