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What is the purpose of a substitute check?

A substitute check (also called an Image Replacement Document or IRD) is a negotiable instrument used to represent the digital reproduction of an original paper check. Substitute checks are recognized as legal checks as long as the instruments meet specific requirements.

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Also know, what is a substitute check from a bank?

A substitute check is a special paper copy of the front and back of an original check. It may be slightly larger than the original check. Substitute checks are specially formatted so they can be processed as if they were original checks. The front of a substitute check should state: "This is a legal copy of your check.

can you cash a copy of a check? You cannot cash a photocopy of a check because if you photocopy a check, you are actually counterfeiting that item and state laws make it a criminal offense to pass counterfeit checks.

Similarly, you may ask, can a substitute check be used as proof of payment?

You can use a substitute check as proof of payment because it is legally the same as the original check. If you do not have a substitute check but have a copy of an original check or a copy of a substitute check, you usually can use these documents as proof of payment.

What makes a legal check?

That's pretty much it. The legal definition in the UCC is: “A written instruction to pay money, signed by the person giving the instruction, payable on demand and drawn on a bank.”

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