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What is the punishment for egging a house?

Based upon your age, you could easily be charged as an adult. Either way, one charge that comes to mind is "malicious mischief". This is punishable by up to 90 days in jail land a $1,000.00 fine. If yuou actually caused damage to the property, the charge could increase.

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In this way, is egging a house a crime?

Egging Houses When you egg a house, you are committing vandalism. If the vandalism is intentional as opposed to reckless (which, let's be real, those eggs weren't heading for an omelet pan) and exceeds $250 in damages, that misdemeanor could be upgraded to criminal mischief in the third degree, which is a felony.

Additionally, what happens when you get caught egging? Common charges related to egging are damage to property, vandalism, and nuisance. In more serious cases where injuries have resulted, perpetrators may be charged with assault and fined. Egging of a person's face can cause serious injuries and eye injury, and may constitute assault and battery.

Consequently, what is the punishment for egging a car?

Penalties for Vandalism Most states will categorize damage that is less than $500 as a misdemeanor. A felony will be applied to any damage that is $500 or more. The amount can differ from state to state which some states saying that $250 is a misdemeanor. However, in other states, any car vandalism is a felony.

What does it mean when your house gets egged?

Egging. Egging refers to the act of throwing eggs at houses, cars, or people. Egging is a criminal offence in most areas. The eggs are usually raw, but are sometimes hard-boiled or rotten. Eggs are capable of causing damage when thrown at property and egging is often considered vandalism for this reason.

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