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What is the PSB?

THE PSB (Psychological Services Bureau) Examination is specifically designed for those students entering education programs for health professions. The PSB Exam is comprised of a series of tests that measure abilities, knowledge, and attitudes considered important for successful performance in a health program.

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Also know, what is the PSB test for nursing?

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam is a standardized test based on the needs of educational institutions that train skilled and proficient vocational nurses.

Beside above, how long is the PSB exam? approximately 3 hours

In respect to this, is the PSB test hard?

The HOAE can still be hard. Here are some reasons why: You've been out of high school for a long time now, and your knowledge of things like spelling, grammar, arithmetic and the natural sciences is, well, rusty.

How is the PSB scored?

Each raw score represents the number of questions answered correctly in one particular part of the examination. If you respond correctly to 40 of these test questions, your raw score is 40. To be meaningful, the raw score is translated into a percentile rank.

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