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What is the process of public relations?

This process is primarily composed of four steps: using research to define the problem or situation, developing objectives and strategies that address the situation, implementing the strategies, and then measuring the results of the public relations efforts.

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Also asked, what is the fourth step of the public relations process?

The four-step public relations process — Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (RPIE) — makes up the largest portion of the APR computer-based Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations.

Beside above, what is the role of a public relations? Public relations professionals shape an organization's image. They build the brand, spread the organization's message and minimize the effect of negative publicity. At a small company, the PR person may have to handle all the roles – cheerleader, media contact person, the deflector of criticism – themselves.

Likewise, what is the race formula in public relations?

The RACE formula means Research, Assessment (or planning), Communication (delivering), and Evaluation. These four steps can lead you to a well-thought and efficient Public Relation plan.

What are the six major steps in the public relations process?

They key to any public relations campaign or marketing plan is to clearly define who the target audience of the business is.

Delivering these key messages can be achieved through:

  1. Press releases.
  2. Press conferences.
  3. Interviews.
  4. Newspaper or magazines articles.
  5. Customer testimonials.
  6. Television.
  7. Radio.
  8. Press interviews.

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