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What is the pre analytical phase of the laboratory testing?

The Pre-Analytical Phase. The pre-analytical phase of a diagnostic test refers to all of the steps required to deliver the analyte from the sampled environment or patient to the analytical assay. First, the test must sample the matrix in which the target analyte is present.

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Similarly, what is a pre analytical error?

The most commonly reported types of pre-analytical error are: a) missing sample and/or test request, b) wrong or missing identification, c) contamination from infusion route, d) haemolysed, clotted, and insufficient samples, e) inappropriate containers, f) inappropriate blood to anticoagulant ratio, and g)

Also, what are the errors committed in the pre examination phase? Pre-pre-examination errors include: inappropriate test request, order entry, patient/specimen mis-identification or haemolysis; pre-examination include sorting, aliquoting, pipetting; examination errors include equipment failure, sample mix-ups, interference; post-examination include erroneous data validation,

Likewise, what are the three phases of laboratory testing?

Total testing process in the laboratory is a cyclical process divided into three phases: preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical. First, pre- analytical phase in which requirement for a test is determined, the test is ordered and the patient is identified.

What is analytic phase?

Analytic Phase. The analytic phase consists of all the processes involved in the testing of a specimen. Errors occur much less frequently in the analytic phase of laboratory testing than in either the preanalytic or postanalytic phases.

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