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What is the pradikat system based on?

The German Prädikat System. German wines are classified by law, based upon the ripeness of grapes. This system is undergoing some changes, but these terms are still relevant and helpful.

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Hereof, what does pradikat mean?

Prädikat n (genitive Prädikats, plural Prädikate) (grammar) predicate. (positive) valuation of an object or a performance; Example: Prädikatswein (superior quality wine)

Additionally, what does Goldkapsel mean? Goldkapsel - gold capsule. A golden capsule or foil on the bottle. Denotes a wine considered better by the producer. Usually means a Prädikatswein that is sweeter or more intense, or indicates an auction wine made in a very small lot.

Simply so, what does qualitatswein mean?

Qualitatswein means "quality wine", derived from its German counterpart and is one of the eight wine classifications tiers in the Verband Deutscher Pradikats (VDP) classification system used in Germany and Austria.

What is the difference between Auslese and Spatlese?

Spätlese wines are rich and usually sweeter than Kabinett, although if you see “Trocken” on the bottle you can assume it's in a dry style with higher alcohol. Auslese Meaning “select harvest”, Auslese is even sweeter picked at 83–110 Oechsle (191–260 g/l sugar) where the grapes are hand-selected and have noble rot.

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