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What is the post Edwardian era?

The Edwardian period refers to the reign of Edward VII 1901–1910. I have heard of the years up to the First World War referred to as Post-Edwardian, but the period is so dominated by WW1. After that, the decades are referred to as the 20's, 30's etc, rather than named after the monarch.

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Also know, what was after the Edwardian era?

Edwardian era

King Edward VII by Fildes ( c. 1901)
Preceded by Victorian era
Followed by First World War
Monarch(s) Edward VII George V

Also, when did the Edwardian period start and end? 1901 – 1910

Thereof, what is the Edwardian era known for?

Edwardian period. The Edwardian period was known for elegance and luxury among the rich and powerful in Britain but also for moral looseness and for a general failure to prepare for some of the challenges of the twentieth century — particularly World War I, which broke out four years after the death of King Edward.

What was the Edwardian class system like?

The class system in England during the first decade of the 20th century was divided into the upper, middle, and working classes. It was the growing middle class, of which the Colemans and Waterhouses were a part, that changed the most.

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