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What is the Pequod named after?

The Pequod, in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, is an important element of the tale because it is the vessel that carries Ahab's crew on their last fateful journey. The name of the ship itself is derived from an extinct Indian tribe, the Pequot, in Massachusetts that was beset by disease, war, and death.

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Besides, what was the name of Captain Ahab's ship?


where did the Pequod sail from? Pequod and her crew, commanded by Captain Ahab, are central to the story, which, after the initial chapters, takes place almost entirely aboard the ship during a three-year whaling expedition in the Atlantic, Indian and South Pacific oceans.

Regarding this, who were the owners of the Pequod?

Captain Bildad and Captain Peleg The principal owners of the Pequod, two well-to-do Quaker retired whaling captains. Both have names taken from the Bible: Peleg, and Bildad. Peleg served as first mate under Ahab on the Pequod before obtaining his own command, and is responsible for all her whalebone embellishment.

What does the Pequod look like?

It's a small, ornate, old-fashioned ship laden with ivory and the teeth and bones of whales. The Pequod is seasoned and worn, and has been damaged and repaired many times.

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