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What is the original Birkenstock style?

Starting in 1963 and continuing into 1964 Karl Birkenstock released his first athletic sandal with a flexible footbed called Madrid. It soon became popular, especially among gymnasts. In 1966, Birkenstocks were introduced in the United States, as well as elsewhere.

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Similarly one may ask, how do you know if Birkenstocks are real?

Check for the Birkenstock logo on the sole of the shoe with the registered trademark symbol beside it. It will also say "Made in Germany" just below the logo. A fake shoe might misspell the name, or not include it at all, so make sure you check the spelling carefully.

Beside above, which Birkenstocks are best? Best Birkenstocks

Name Made of Sole
Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals Synthetic and Leather Synthetic
Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal Synthetic Leather Synthetic
Birkenstock Womens Rio Birko-Flor Sandals Leather EVA
Birkenstock Women's Mayari Oiled Leather Sandal Birko-Flor Rubber

Thereof, what is the difference between Birkenstock soft footbed and regular?

Birkenstock has two foot beds. There is the classic, (some call it regular) then there is the soft foot bed. They are virtually the same as far as supports, the main difference is that the soft foot bed has a layer of padding in between the layers of the foot bed so it is softer and more cushiony then the classic.

Are Birkenstocks worth the price?

They are worth the price tag– The pair that I own are priced right under $100. In my opinion, that can seem pretty pricey for a basic sandal, but trust me, they are worth the price. These Birkenstock sandals will last you for years to come, and they are so comfy.

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