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What is the net ionic reaction for an acid base neutralization reaction?

Because the salts are soluble in both cases, the net ionic reaction is just H +(aq) + OH (aq) → H 2O(ℓ). The difference is simply the presence of an extra water molecule as a product.

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Also question is, what is the product of the net ionic reaction for the strong acid strong base reaction?

This means that we will split them apart in the net ionic equation. HClO4 + NaOH = NaClO4 + H2O is a neutralization reaction (also a double displacement reaction). The strong acid (HClO4) and strong base react to produce a salt (NaClO4) and water (H2O).

Likewise, what is an example of a neutralization reaction? Neutralization Reaction. Neutralization is a type of chemical reaction in which a strong acid and strong base react with each other to form water and salt. Bee stings are acidic in nature, which is why a household remedy for a bee sting is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, which is a basic substance.

Also asked, what is the Neutralisation reaction equation?

A neutralization equation is a chemical reaction that involves the combination of a strong acid and a strong base. The products of such a reaction are typically water and a salt. The chemical formula for hydrochloric acid is HCl and the chemical formula for sodium hydroxide is NaOH.

What are the strong bases?

Strong bases are able to completely dissociate in water

  • LiOH - lithium hydroxide.
  • NaOH - sodium hydroxide.
  • KOH - potassium hydroxide.
  • RbOH - rubidium hydroxide.
  • CsOH - cesium hydroxide.
  • *Ca(OH)2 - calcium hydroxide.
  • *Sr(OH)2 - strontium hydroxide.
  • *Ba(OH)2 - barium hydroxide.

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