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What is the name of the mountain in Finding Nemo?

Mount Wannahockaloogie

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Moreover, what does Wannahockaloogie mean?

Mount Wannahockaloogie is the mystical monument inside the dentist's office fish tank in Finding Nemo (2003). Mount Wannahockaloogie is a pun on the phrase "wanna hock a loogie." The phrase "hock a loogie" is slang for spitting up--a frequent occurence at the dentist.

Additionally, who are Nemo's friends? Jordy Ranft as Tad, a butterfly fish fingerling and Nemo's school friend. Erica Beck as Pearl, a young flapjack octopus and Nemo's school friend. Erik Per Sullivan as Sheldon, a young seahorse, and Nemo's school friend.

Beside above, what do they call Nemo in the fish tank?

Wannahockaloogie, tells Nemo (who was given the nickname "Sharkbait") that the Tank Gang was actually trying to escape the fish tank they have been contained in after Dr.

What are the mines in Finding Nemo?

The Sharks' lair is a location in Finding Nemo. The sharks Bruce, Anchor, and Chum all appear to reside in a sunken World War II era submarine that is surrounded by various naval mines (described by Dory as "balloons").

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