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What is the name of the microscope used to make comparisons between bullets?

ballistics comparison microscope

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Accordingly, who is the father of ballistics?

Calvin Hooker Goddard

how is microscope used in forensic science? The microscope is used by forensic scientists to locate, isolate, identify, and compare samples. Finally, physical properties such as color, solubility, melting point, and boiling points can also be used to identify and compare forensic samples.

Also, who used a comparison microscope to determine if a particular gun fired a bullet?

Wilmer Souder, a physicist and early forensic scientist at the National Bureau of Standards, now NIST, compares two bullets using a comparison microscope. Souder learned forensic techniques from Calvin Goddard, another early scientist in the field.

Why is a comparison microscope a useful tool in forensic investigations?

The comparison microscope is used in forensic sciences to compare microscopic patterns and identify or deny their common origin. Without this device, the identification of toolmarks and firearms would be such a cumbersome process that it would be carried out on a very limited basis.

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