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What is the name of the girl who licked the ice cream?

Jessica Pebsworth, a spokesperson with the Lufkin police, told NPR on Friday that the young woman the department is calling the "Blue Bell licker" is actually a juvenile from San Antonio. Under state law, a juvenile is considered anyone under the age of 17.

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Herein, what happened to the lady that licked the ice cream?

Police have identified a woman who opened a tub of ice cream in a shop, licked it and put it back in the freezer – and warn she faces 20 years jail. Detectives believe the incident, which happened last weekend and went viral earlier this week, took place at Walmart in Lufkin, Texas.

Also Know, has the ice cream licker been found? Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker in Viral Video Is Found, Police Say. In a freezer at the Police Department in Lufkin, Tex., there is a half-gallon container of Blue Bell ice cream in an evidence bag — Exhibit A from a cringe-inducing video that drew widespread attention.

Hereof, how old is the girl who licked the ice cream?

The girl, who admitted to licking the top of Blue Bell ice cream and returning it to the freezer, is under 17, which makes her a juvenile under Texas law, according to Lufkin police, who are not identifying her.

How much time did the girl who licked the ice cream get?

The woman who was filmed licking the top of an ice cream tub and then returning it to a supermarket freezer could be facing up to 20 years in prison, the police in Lufkin, Texas, said.

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