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What is the name of the bird in Watership Down?

Bigwig tells the others that a cat injured the bird's wing, and that the bird comes from a place far away where the earth stops and is followed by so much water that no land can be seen. The rabbits are impressed and incredulous, but Bigwig is sure the bird, whose name is Kehaar, is not lying.

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People also ask, what does the title Watership Down mean?

The title refers to the rabbits' destination, Watership Down, a hill in the north of Hampshire, England, near the area where Adams grew up. The story began as tales that Richard Adams told his young daughters Juliet and Rosamond during long car journeys.

Additionally, who is El Ahrairah in Watership Down? El-ahrairah (El-ahrah in the TV Series) is a rabbit who lived long before Hazel and the rest of the Watership Down Warren were born. He was the Prince of the Rabbits. He lived with his trusted sidekick and captain of Owsla Rabscuttle, and his people, in a state of peace with the rest of the animals of the World.

Secondly, what are the rabbits called in Watership Down?

"El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inlé" He is the moon rabbit, and Inlé is the rabbit name for the moon. In the Watership Down animated film, the Black Rabbit is voiced by Joss Ackland and is the same as the book.

Who is Hazel in Watership Down?

Hazel, also known as Hazel-rah, by the Watership Down rabbits, is a brave and intelligent buck, the main protagonist in Watership Down, and is also a character in Tales from Watership Down.

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