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What is the name for p2o4?

Diphosphorus Tetraoxide P2O4 Molecular Weight -- EndMemo.

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Then, what is p2o4?

Diphosphorus tetroxide, or phosphorus tetroxide is an inorganic compound of phosphorus and oxygen. It has the empirical chemical formula P. 2O. 4.

One may also ask, what is the molar mass of p2o5? The compound has a molar mass of 283.88 g/mol. What are the compound's empirical and molecular formulas? . The empirical formula mass for P2O5 is 141.94.

what is the chemical formula for diphosphorus tetroxide?

Diphosphorus tetraoxide

PubChem CID: 16131071
Structure: Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula: O4P2
Synonyms: Diphosphorus tetraoxide 12137-38-1 Diphosphorous tetraoxide DTXSID50153252
Molecular Weight: 125.945 g/mol

Is co ionic covalent or polyatomic?

Sucrose (table sugar), C12H22O11 is MOLECULAR or COVALENT compound, while sodium chloride (table salt) is _ an IONIC compound. Carbon monoxide, CO, is an example of a diatomic molecule, while ammonia and glucose, NH3 and C6H12O6, are examples of POLYATOMIC molecules.

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