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What is the most sun tolerant hosta?

Hostas That Have Full Sun Tolerance Potential
  • Yellow hosta: August Moon, Gold Regal, Golden Sculpture Rising Sun, Squash Casserole, Sum, and Substance, Sun Power.
  • Yellow variegated hosta: Gold Standard, Inniswood, Regal Splendor, Sundance.

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Accordingly, which hostas can take the most sun?

Hosta varieties with extensive white coloration or with thin leaves are likely to burn in full sun. In general, blue-leaf hostas require shade, while those with fragrant flowers, gold or yellow foliage or slight white variegation can tolerate more sun.

Furthermore, where do Hostas grow best? Plant hostas in evenly moist, humus-rich soil in light to full shade. Hostas are tough, versatile, and adaptable. Filtered sun is best for the colorful varieties to reach their full potential, especially gold and blue forms. The green-leaved varieties are the most shade tolerant.

Also Know, are there any sun loving hostas?

Yes, you can grow hostas in sun or shade. We think of hostas as shade plants, but there are plenty of sun-tolerant varieties providing gorgeous leaf colors, textures, flowers, and fragrance. If you would like more plant ideas, see Best Flowering Plants for a Cottage-Style Garden.

How do you protect hostas from the sun?

Consider temporarily covering prized hostas with a light-weight cloth during the hottest part of the day during heat and drought periods. Or use a well-positioned umbrella to protect against the hottest sun. Dig up and relocate a hosta to a shadier place if it constantly burns in sun.

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