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What is the most snow ever recorded in Alabama?

Here are the snowiest single days on record around Alabama according to data from the National Weather Service: Alabama greatest one-day snowfall: 19.2 inches in Florence on Jan. 1, 1964. Birmingham greatest snowfall: 10.3 inches on March 13, 1993 (storm 2-day total was 13 inches at Birmingham International Airport).

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Moreover, when did it last snow in Alabama?

Birmingham - Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year

Inches Date Centimetres
trace November 15, 2018 + trace
4.0 December 08, 2017 10.2
trace March 03, 2016 + trace
0.7 February 25, 2015 1.8

does it ever snow in Alabama? Although snow is a rare event in much of Alabama, areas of the state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of snow a few times every winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few years.

Also question is, what year did it snow in April in Alabama?

13.75 inches of rain fell in April 1979, a month that saw some of the worst flooding in history across Central Alabama. It can snow in April, as evidenced by the 5 inches that fell on April 3, 1987. It rains on 9.1 days on average.

Will there be snow in Alabama this winter?

November 2019 to October 2020. Winter will be warmer than normal, on average, with the coldest periods in early December, late January, and early to mid-February. Rainfall will be below normal near the Gulf but above normal elsewhere, with the best chance for snowfall in mid- to late November and early January.

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