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What is the most expensive type of Christmas tree?

The World's Most Expensive Christmas Trees
  • Kempinski Hotel Bahia, Spain – worth $15 million.
  • Pro Aurum, Germany – worth $2.6 million.
  • A Diamond Wreath – worth $4 million.
  • A Bauble by Hallmark Jewelers and the Embee Jewels – worth $130,000.

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Moreover, what is the most expensive Christmas tree?

The current Guinness World Record holder for the world's most expensive Christmas tree is the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, valued at about $11 million. Shown in 2010, it stood at 43.2 feet and was lavishly decorated with 181 pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and watches.

Similarly, what is the most expensive tree to buy? The 5 Most Expensive Trees in the World

  • Sandalwood-- $20,000 per tree.
  • African Blackwood-- $10,000 per kilogram.
  • Agar Wood-- $10,000 per kilogram.
  • Bocote-- $30 per board.
  • Pink Ivory-- $8 per board.

In this way, what is the most popular type of Christmas tree?

  • The Fraser fir. It is considered to be the most popular Christmas tree species in the world.
  • The Douglas fir.
  • The balsam fir.
  • The European silver fir.
  • The Nordmann fir.

Which state is the largest producer of Christmas trees?

The top Christmas Tree producing states are Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington.

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