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What is the most appropriate way to greet your interviewer Mrs Mary Jones?

The most proper way to greet the interviewer is Hi, Mary. I'm happy to be here. Thanks for seeing me.

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Besides, what is a good way to prepare for the likely request Tell me about yourself?

asking a friend to write a paragraph about you and memorizing that cataloging your successes and finding examples that highlight relevant skills surveying your teachers and using their descriptions to write a speech.

Similarly, what is a good response to the question what is your biggest weakness? " "I am a perfectionist and find myself disappointed that others aren't as careful in their work."

Beside this, what is the purpose of your list of successes?

to boost your confidence. to identify your qualities and skills. to give to the employer along with the resumé

Why should you be aware of an interviewer's hidden agenda?

Answer Expert Verified Hidden agendas are usually used by interviewers to trap the speaker with controversial topics and opinions. That's why if you know what it is, you can avoid it and thus avoid being incriminated.

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