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What is the moral of the drama the dear departed?

The dear departed is a family based drama that reflects the height of materialism in society. it gives the message that humanity has been disappearing with time and now people are no more sentimentally attached to their loved ones and are only interested in their materialistic belongings.

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Keeping this in view, what is the moral of the story dear departed?

The play, "The Dear Departed" by William Stanley Houghton, focuses on the degrading moral values in the middle-class families. It also deals with the thinking of the family members who have become materialistic. The moral of the story is that the relations should not be based on the terms of material things.

Secondly, what is the meaning of dear departed? So dearly departed technically means "departed in a way that was dear to someone" - which essentially evaluates to that we hope someone passes away in a way that they are now peaceful. Dear departed is using dear as an adjective and it simply means the person who is departed is dear to us.

In this way, what message do you get from the play dear departed?

Message which we get from the drama The dear departed is : Now a days children are thinking their parents as burden and thus want to get rid of them as soon as possible as seen in the case of Abel where his two daughters after listening that he is dead did not even cry.

What is the role of Victoria in the dear departed?

Victoria Slater is the ten-year old daughter of Amelia and Henry Slater. Victoria plays a significant role in the poem. She is mainly portrayed as a caring person and she loves her grandfather dearly. {Hope It Helps You} If you Like the Answer then please click on the smile green button.

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