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What is the meaning of ministerial staff?

Ministerial or non- ministerial. Ministerial servant means a Government servant of a subordinate service whose duties are entirely clerical, and any other class of servant specifically defined as such by general or specific order of a local government. Local government does not include a Chief Commissioner.

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In respect to this, what is non ministerial staff?

Non-ministerial posts are those, which are other than posts in the main Ministries of the Central Government.

Likewise, what are ministerial duties? Ministerial duty refers to the official duty of a public officer wherein the officer has no room for the exercise of discretion, and the performance being required by direct and positive command of the law. The powers and duties of public officers are, in general, classified as ministerial and discretionary.

One may also ask, what does ministerial level mean?

1 of or relating to a minister of religion or his office. 2 of or relating to a government minister or ministry. a ministerial act. 3 often cap of or supporting the ministry or government against the opposition. 4 (Law) relating to or possessing delegated executive authority.

What are ministerial departments?

Ministerial departments are led politically by a government minister, normally a member of the cabinet and cover matters that require direct political oversight. For most departments, the government minister in question is known as a secretary of state.

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